If you’re new to meditation, I’d suggest starting with the Simple Relaxation Exercise. Connect with Nature is also easy and a wonderful way to meditate when the weather cooperates. Two key exercises that I use almost every time I meditate are Grounding and Running Your Energies. The other exercises can be used for a specific purpose or to add variety to your meditation practice.

Audio and Video Meditations

Simple Meditation

Meditation can help you do much more than just reduce stress. It can activate that inner spiritual part of you that is already calm, content and wise. Through Curt Remington's book, Simple Meditation, you will discover easy steps to connect with the replenishing peace and beauty of nature. The exercises and information in this book will help you to improve your relationships, tap into psychic abilities and use quantum energy to release blocks to your health and happiness. The final chapters include powerful steps to examine your life, consider its direction and transform your life.

Beginners in meditation will appreciate Remington’s mentoring, his personal stories, practical guidance, and emphasis on meditation’s transformative potential. Using this basic guide, readers can travel a path of relaxing, visualizing, then gently experiencing ever-deepening and transformative meditations.
~Foreword Magazine

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