Reading and Releasing Energies

Reading and Releasing Energies

Running your energies is worth doing every day. Once you’re used to running energy through your chakras, you can occasionally work on “reading” the issues related to each chakra, as you work your way up through your seven main chakras. This is another self-healing technique for releasing energy blocks. It’s important to be familiar with your chakras and the issues related to each. If you’re not, please review our chakras tutorial.Sunset over woods

As your cosmic energy reaches your first chakra, let it run while you tune into any issues related to that chakra. Remember, the first chakra pertains to home, money, school, or survival issues. What is going on in your life related to these issues? Does some old business or trouble immediately come to mind? How do you feel about what’s coming up? How have these emotions affected you? Do you feel someone else’s energy interfering? Is there something you’d like to change? As you ask each question, try stay out of an analytical mode. Let an answer come to you without effort. As you gently process any thoughts or feelings, keep running energy through your first chakra, releasing unwanted energy down your grounding cord.

When you feel your first chakra issues are complete, move up to the second chakra, which pertains to emotions. Follow the same steps for the second, then move on to the third chakra and the fourth, making your way up to the seventh. You can refer back to the description of each chakra as a reminder of what each relates to.

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