Grounding Meditation

Grounding Meditation

Grounding is a powerful meditation technique with many benefits. It connects you to the earth, helps your body feel secure, and it gives you an opportunity to release negative energy and emotions like anger, anxiety, stress and pain. A brief grounding exercise and running my energies are the first things I do almost every time I meditate. If I’m short on time, they may be the only things I do.

Grounding Cord

Beach at Birch Bay State Park, WashingtonYou may already know this, but in “Science & Heaven,” I mention that energy surrounds us and, energy responds to thought. When you visualize something, you are creating it, at least on a non-physical energy level. In this exercise, you’ll visualize a grounding cord that extends from the base of your spine (first chakra) down to the center of the earth. Your grounding cord could consist of a tree root, chain, rope, beam of light, or whatever works for you.

Meditation Exercise

To put this into practice, find a comfortable chair in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep clearing breaths. Imagine the grounding cord of your choice, such as a rope or fiber-optic cable, extending from the base of your spine down to the center of the earth. If you have feelings you want to release, like anger or frustration, visualize the dark energy and let gravity carry it out of your aura and down your energy cord where the energy of your anger will be burned up and neutralized in the center of the earth. If this seems too hard to visualize, let the energy of your efforts go down the cord too.

Practice this technique often. The more you use it, the easier it gets. Grounding can be useful while you’re working, trying to get to sleep, or just about anywhere. Just make sure not to go into a meditative trance while you’re driving.

Grounding Your Environment

Releasing any negative energy in your room or you whole house can be very useful too. To ground your house, imagine a grounding cord extending from the floor to the center of the earth. Visualize a large ball of high vibration gold energy that expands from the center of the room or house. Let it fill the entire space and help flush out any dark or heavy energy that needs to be released.

This technique moves out negative energy and brings up the vibration of the house, which can have a positive effect on everyone that lives there, visitors too.

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