Running Your Energies

Running Your Energies

Running your energies is the next step, once you’ve established a grounding cord. Together, these two exercises can be life changing, helping you release old baggage. It is the key raising your vibration and to a variety of emotional, spiritual, and health benefits.

DSC_6133In my “Science & Heaven” article I describe how scientists have concluded that on a subatomic level, everything is made of energy, including you and everyone else you know too. Our bodies are made of relatively dense, lower vibration energy. We also have our own higher vibration energy system consisting of our chakras and aura. For optimal health of our body, mind and spirit, energy should be moving freely through our system. Areas of slow or stuck energy can lead to a variety of problems. Our chakra quiz can help you identify which chakras might have a blockage problem. Regular use of this meditation exercise can help you release those blocks and dramatically improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health, allowing you to become more psychic too. Clearing blocks and moving energy is also one of the key focuses of acupuncture, tai chi, reiki, yoga and a variety of other practices.

Meditation Exercise for Running Your Energies

For this meditation, find a chair in a quiet room, or a log in the forest, whatever quite, comfortable place you prefer. Close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep breaths. Connect your grounding cord to your first chakra, at the base of your spine, and let the energy from any negative thoughts or events run down the cord.

Now let your attention turn toward the arches of your feet. Visualize clean energy, from deep in the earth, moving up into your feet. Feel the energy’s warmth tingling as it travels up through your ankles, calves, and thighs, cleansing everything in its path. You may pick a color for this energy and watch it as it makes its way up. Green, tan, or blue are all good colors for earth energy, but use whatever color seems natural for you. A brown, muddy color may be too sluggish. If the flow seems to slow or stop along the way, imagine the energy as warm water, melting a block of sugar. This should help get the energy moving through that trouble spot. As the energy reaches the base of your spine, it causes your first chakra to spin and glow. Most of the energy then travels from there down your grounding cord, carrying with it any blocks that were in its path.

Some of the earth energy continues up through your torso and out the top of your head. From there, it runs down your aura, cleansing along the way to your grounding cord.

Now that you have your earth energy running, the next step is to add lighter cosmic energy. Imagine a ball of cosmic energy over your head, formed by drawing energy down from high in the sky. Blue or gold are strong healing and cleansing choices for this energy. Now let it pour gently into the top of your head through your seventh chakra. From there, feel its warmth as it makes its way down through energy channels in your back, alongside your spine. When it reaches your first chakra, let it mix with your earth energy. A little of the cosmic energy will travel down your grounding cord, along with most of the earth energy. Feel the rest of the cosmic energy, mixed with a little earth energy, traveling up channels in the front of your body.

When this mixture reaches your throat chakra, let some split off and travel down your arms, cleansing them and releasing any blocks. Let the rest of this energy travel up to the top or your head and cascade down through your aura. As this energy runs down and cleans your aura, be sure to fill in any thin areas behind you or to your sides. Relax and let this flow continue for ten or more minutes.

After you’ve practiced this for a few weeks, you might consider adding another step. As the energy travels up your front channels, visualize some of it running through your second chakra, from front to back, then running down your grounding cord. See your chakra spinning brightly and releasing any negative energy. Visualize this energy from your front channels doing the same for your third chakra, then your fourth, fifth, and sixth chakras, with the remaining energy flowing back out through your seventh and down your aura.

I realize that putting this all together is complicated, but the more you practice it, the easier it will become and the stronger your energy flow will be. At first, you may want to start with just your earth energy. You may also find that some variation of these instructions works better for you. Be sure to let energy flow without trying to force it. Relax and take a deep breath once in a while. Let any effort go down your grounding cord. You may not always feel the energy moving, but know that your intention is making it so.

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