Which of Your Chakras Are Out of Balance?

Which of Your Chakras are Out of Balance?


The chakras are energy centers within your aura. There are many chakras, but the seven main chakras that line up with the spinal column are the ones people usually refer to. Each of these corresponds to a layer of your aura and an aspect of your life. A strong connection exists between the condition of your chakras and your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Emotional issues like trauma or anger can lead to a block or imbalance in your chakras, and a block or imbalance in your chakras can lead to health issues and other troubles.

The quiz below asks questions related to your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. It produces results that indicate which of your chakras may be blocked or out of balance. Once you have completed the quiz, you can visit our chakra tutorial to learn about each of the chakras.

  1. Do you have difficulty concentrating and/or remembering things?

  2. Do you have difficulty trusting or connecting with others?

  3. Is it difficult for you to express yourself honestly and/or do you tend to swallow your feelings?

  4. Do you love and appreciate yourself the majority of the time?

  5. Do you trust your intuition?

  6. Are you having any significant issues and/or concerns related to your health?

  7. Do you have significant difficulty staying motivated and/or reaching your goals?

  8. Do you often experience social anxiety and/or a fear of speaking?

  9. Do you feel a universal connection or connection with something higher than yourself?

  10. Do you often procrastinate or have a difficult time making decisions?

  11. Do you frequently feel lonely and/or lack healthy, meaningful relationships?

  12. Do you feel secure in regards to your job and/or financial well-being?

  13. Do you regularly experience negative emotions, such as envy, jealousy, anger, or rage?

  14. Do you often feel a lack of control over your life and circumstances?

  15. Do you regularly feel regret about the past and/or worry about the future?

  16. Do you often dominate the conversation when talking with others?

  17. Have you recently been experiencing a general lack of joy, enthusiasm, and/or passion (this could include a decrease in sexual drive)?

  18. Do you feel like your life is lacking meaning or purpose?

  19. Do you frequently experience anxiety?

  20. Do you hold resentment toward others or find yourself unable to forgive others?

  21. Do you frequently lack confidence and/or experience major insecurities?

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