Simple Relaxation Exercise

Simple Relaxation Exercise

This simple exercise will help you let go of stress. It’s also a wonderful way to prepare for a more in depth meditation exercise.

Matia Island shorelineFind a comfortable chair and sit with your feet on the floor. Make sure your clothing is loose and comfortable and there are no distractions to interrupt you. Rest your arms on your lap or the arm of the chair. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, exhale, and let your tension out along with your breath. Remember to breath, in a relaxed manner, as you continue the exercise.

Shift your awareness to the top of your head. Imagine a tingling sensation or flow of energy at the top of your head, followed by deep relaxation that flows down the back of your head to the base of your neck. As you imagine this, you will create it. Feel the relaxation work its way around to your face and throat. Take note of how relaxed your head now feels.

Next, shift your attention to your neck. Feel the same tingling or energy, followed by relaxation that works down your shoulders and arms. When it reaches your hands, squeeze and relax them, letting any tension flow out your palms.

Feel this tingling of energy in your back, which works down your spine until your entire back is relaxed. From there, feel it work around your torso and around into your abdomen and organs. Let them relax.

Feel this same sensation in your hips and groin. Let any tension move down your legs, as you feel your thighs relax and then your knees, continuing down your legs as any tension is released through the bottom of your feet.

Enjoy this deep state of relaxation until it’s time to finish or you’re ready to move on to another exercise.

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