Self-Healing and the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Self-Healing and the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

by Curt Remington


Although we tend to view them as separate, our mind, body, and spirit are very interconnected. This is a key concept in holistic healing. If you only heal the body, you’re likely to have recurring problems. Often, when you take care of the mind and the spirit, the body will cure itself.

Stress and the Mind, Body Connection

Western medicine largely ignores the spirit, but the impact of stess on our body is impossible to ignore. According to WebMD, “43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress,” and “”75 to 90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments.” Stress shuts down our immune system and makes us susceptible to all sorts of issues.

Emotions and the Mind, Spirit Connection

30410167Quantum physics now tells us that on a subatomic level, everything is made of energy, including us. We are eternal beings made of energy. Our physical bodies are made of a denser form of energy, but it is energy just the same. As you’re undoubtedly aware, our bodies don’t last forever, but our spirit or soul does. Our spiritual features include an aura and energy system, with seven main energy centers or  chakras. Each chakra corresponds to an area of your body and to aspects of your life. Energy should flow freely through your chakras.

Unfortunately, emotional issues can lead to blocks, areas of stuck or slow-moving, low vibration energy. This happens because on an energetic level, different emotions have a different vibrational rate or frequency, with peace, love and joy near the top of the scale and apathy, guilt and shame at the bottom of the scale. It’s the low vibration (slower moving) emotions that can cause you trouble. When we have energy flowing freely, we experience more of the high vibration emotions like love and joy. Imagine how much more healthy a clear mountain stream is than a stagnant backwater.

So, How Does it All Connect?

To put this all together, I’ll use myself as an example. When I was a young child, my dad had very little patience with noisy kids. He’d yell and scream and spank, to keep my sisters and I quiet and out of trouble. The fear I felt, resulted in very low vibration stuck energy in my first chakra, the chakra that relates to things like home, security, and survival.

Not only did this lead to my being anxious for years, I believe it also eventually led to diverticulitis and prostate cancer. The sigmoid colon and the prostate are both right in the vicinity of the first chakra. If I had worked sooner and more thoroughly on releasing stuck energy in my first chakra, I might have spared myself three surgeries. In an older blog, I discuss my prostate cancer experience and include a meditation for releasing old fears. Other than these first chakra issues, I’ve been quite healthy all my life, including the years since my last surgery.


To sum this up, my fear reaction (mind) caused stuck energy in my first chakra (spirit) that eventually lead do dis-ease in my (body). They are all very interconnected.

Best Steps for Self-HealingDSC_9069

So, what can we do to improve our health? Meditate!

The vast majority of our health issues are related to stress, and meditation is one of the bests solutions for dealing with stress. A study of health insurance statistics found that meditators had 87% fewer hospitalizations for heart disease, 55% fewer for tumors, and 30% fewer for infectious diseases.

The above statistics are for basic meditation practices. You can do even more with specific meditations that run more energy through your body and chakras, releasing blocks and keeping your body and energy system healthy, like a clear mountain stream. On our meditation page, there are some excellent meditations for running more energy and releasing energetic blocks. The exercises I’d recommend, in this order, are Grounding, Running Your Energies, and Reading and Releasing Energies. If you’re new to meditation, a good starting exercise is a Guided Healing Meditation my wife, Mary, created. You can also find these exercises in my book, Simple Meditation.

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