Oncology Nurse Leaves Job to Promote Natural Cancer Cures

Oncology Nurse Leaves Job to Promote Natural Cancer Cures

pillsValerie Warwick spent 17 years of her life as an oncology nurse, but came to the decision to leave her comfortable job. She is now pursuing a mission of helping others to understand natural cancer cures and how nutrition plays a big role in cancer survival.

At the age of 20, Valerie was caring for both of her ill parents. Her mother had multiple sclerosis, and her father had throat cancer. After her father passed away, Valerie decided to pursue a career in nursing, a career path that had become somewhat of a tradition in her family.

When she found a job as an oncology nurse, Valerie began witnessing the terrible repercussions and suffering caused by many modern cancer treatments. When her friend was diagnosed with colon cancer, Valerie decided to start searching for alternative treatments to cancer. She started discovering many success stories of people who had survived cancer using alternative treatments, and also realized how crucial proper nutrition is in cancer survival.

Valerie shares the story of her journey in an interview with Chris Wark, a man who survived cancer using natural treatments. Read the full article and watch the interview here.

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