Well-Life Integrative Health LLC

Well-Life Integrative Health LLC

Business Categories: Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Belief Transformation, Energy Medicine

Email Address: drashby@welllifeih.com

Phone Number: (801) 895-4943

Salt Lake City, UT 84047

Website: https://www.welllifeih.com/

Business Description:
My name is Dr. Shaelene Ashby. I am a PhD trained health educator, Certified Emotional Release Facilitator & Certified Eating Psychology Coach. As an integrative and holistic health practitioner, I offer health education, skills training, emotional release work, and mind-body work to help my clients meet their individual health & relationship goals.

If you are experiencing a challenging health or relationship issue, I will work with you to address any repressed emotions, limiting beliefs or family patterns that might be contributing to this issue. My goal is to offer hope & help you learn the tools needed to be healthy & live your best life. Services are offered online & over the phone for adult clients (18+).

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