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I offer a variety of healing services and have over 16 years experience.

Readings and sessions are given free and then you can choose to donate for services in your own time. If you choose not to pay any money then all I request is a feedback form of any length giving a brief description of why you did not find our interaction helpful! For my learning. No judgement!

I have an extensive background in tantric and therevada buddhism. zen and madhyamaka. I have extensive experience in meditation (yoga) and chi gung and energy work. I have worked consistently as a mentor with children and adults.

I only wish for my services to be helpful
and constructive to supporting you inner balance and composure and believe that and help or support can only really act as a vehicle to unlock your own inner potential – wisdom and healing of your own heart.

Often it’s merely a process of removing a mass of confusion and chaos caused by life and our relationships which is interfering with our

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