International Taiyi Medicine Institute Inc.

International Taiyi Medicine Institute Inc.

Heal at Home with the Taiyi Online Healing Platform



Business Categories: Energy Medicine, Healing Meditation, Online Video Counseling, Sound Healing


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Phone Number: 917-769-5073


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Founded in New York in 2018, the Taiyi Institute is the world’s leading research, education, and healing center for the practice of Taiyi. The Institute’s mission is to make this ancient holistic approach to health accessible and approachable to a western audience and build a community that views this discipline as a natural way of healthy living.


Products and Services:

  • Online Healing Platform
  • This platform features audios and videos that use the power of high-frequency resonance to harmonize and balance your mind, body, and soul in the comfort of your own home.
  • Private Online Healing Session With Taiyi Master
  • The institute’s founder, Xunhua ‘Jack’ Zhang, is China’s official Representative Inheritor of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Taiyiquan and Taiyi Qi Acupuncture. He is a 13th generation Taiyi Master and has four decades of experience in treating and practicing Taiyi. He is internationally acclaimed for innovating traditional Taiyi therapy with modern techniques and new treatment methods. As the founder of the Taiyi Institute in New York he actively fosters the community around Taiyi and advances the research of Taiyi medicine.


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