Arne Pedersen at Awareness In Health – Online Therapy For Anxiety, Negative Thoughts & Low Self Confidence

Arne Pedersen at Awareness In Health – Online Therapy For Anxiety, Negative Thoughts & Low Self Confidence

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Victoria, B.C. Canada


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Are your happiness, dreams & wellbeing sabotaged by anxiety, negative thoughts, or self doubt?

I know these kinds of difficulties can be really disempowering, as I can relate from my own personal experience of healing through social anxiety, panic attacks, fears, and low self confidence. It took me years to get anywhere because I didn’t realize that a good therapist could have saved me the many years I struggled on my own with all the unhappiness, confusion and negativity in my head blocking me from moving forward!

From my personal and professional experience I know that healing doesn’t have to take as long as it took me. With the right professional support, mindfulness tools & processes, transformational changes can happen much faster than expected, and even be joyfully rewarding!

I would like to help you experience this!

E-mail me for a Free Video Consultation to see if it’s a fit. I think this will leave you feeling glad you did with a sense of relief, clarity & new direction!


Products and Services:
Online Therapy Support for:

– Anxiety
– Stress
– Negative thoughts
– Low self confidence
– Low self esteem
– Low self worth
– Feelings of unworthiness
– Panic Attacks
– Fear of rejection
– Being a people pleaser
– Depression
– Spiritual confusion

The whole point of my services are to not only help you to heal through the current emotional challenges you are facing, but to ALSO help you learn the life skills of:

Self awareness
Self acceptance
Self understanding

These will help you to become emotionally competent, so that no matter what unexpected things happen in life, or what goals you set for yourself, you will then be confident you can be present with and process all the feelings and emotions that arise during the process of creating changes and stepping out of your comfort zone.

This is true freedom through mindfulness that will empower you in the ability to follow your own inner compass, light and life purpose in any direction you choose!

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